PP (Polypropylene)

We supply and distribute Polypropylene Copolymer, Homopolymer and Random copolymer of various different MFI and density. Polypropylene has linear hydrocarbon and is semi rigid and translucent. It is mainly known for its high strength, high flow and high flame retardation. In household Industry such as:

HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene )

HIPS can be easily moulded in many shapes and dimensions. We offer fine quality HIPS that is used in the manufacture of containers for house hold utility, cosmetics, jewels, food and pharmaceuticals.The material is used widely. It is mainly used in:

ABS Plastic Raw Material

ABS which is the abbreviated form of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It has high thermal stability, impact resistance and is available in many colors. It is mainly used in manufacturing instruments, dusters, panels wheel covers, connectors and other spare parts. This product is used mainly by automobile Industries any many more like:

PS Plastic Raw Material

We offer Polystyrene that has brilliant clarity and can be easily moulded. We also offer to do customization according to the our client specifications. Our Polystyrene is mainly used in manufacturing a wide variety of containers for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics & gifts. it is also used in manufacturing HIPS sheets. Its applications are:

HDPE Plastic Raw Material

We supply High density Polyethylene Injection moulding, Blow moulding and various Hdpe film grades.

Quality Policy

We are a quality oriented company which believes in supplying unparalleled quality standards in our range of products. We make sure that our products have unmatched quality. We have a team of quality checkers who check the scraps properly at the time of procurement. With strict measures they make sure that all stages of production are carried out flawlessly

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